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Top 5 Granite Countertops for Waterfall Islands

Would you like to make your kitchen a style statement? How about installing a waterfall island countertop? Well, if you surely want to introduce a show-stopper corner in your kitchen, you should install granite countertops. The magnificent designs of waterfall islands have been a fashion for decades. These are not only eye-catching but are also timeless. The waterfall island countertops are truly spectacular, featuring a unique signature edge that flows beautifully from the counter to the floor.

When it comes to obtaining the one-of-a-kind element while ensuring its durability, opt for flawless granite. Indeed, granite is the best material to choose for kitchen countertops. It’s because they not only look elegant but are also resistant to stains and scratches. Moreover, granite countertops for waterfall islands are ideal for indoors and outdoors. Discover the top five granite stones you can select for your stylish kitchen if you read on.

5 Must-Have Granite Countertops for a Waterfall Islands Style

Granite is a hard igneous rock composed of mica, feldspar, silica, and quartz. This exotic metamorphic rock is way better than marble, owing to its many useful characteristics. Granite countertops are quite easy to install, and they cost much less than marble. Also, these are incredibly sturdy and durable.

Granite for waterfall island countertops is the best because of effortless maintenance and repair. Moreover, they come in various colors and patterns, ranging from dots to veins and specks to solids. Therefore, to help you choose the best granite stones from the large catalog, here is a selection of the best ones.

Black Galaxy Granite:

Black galaxy granite is our top favorite stone for waterfall island countertops. The preference is due to the striking appearance resembling shiny stars studded in the dark galaxy. Of course, put up a stylish waterfall countertop with this galaxy granite. It will be an awe-inspiring element. Black galaxy granite goes best with the kitchen interior design in white or neutral tones.

Nevertheless, it’s quite reliable; care should be exercised while working with sharp knives. Remember not to use strong acidic solutions to clean up such a luxe waterfall island countertop. You can prefer cutting boards for chopping purposes and mild soapy water for cleaning to last your countertops even longer.

Whisper White:

One of the most popular granite stones for achieving a stunning and sophisticated kitchen is whisper white. The Whisper White granite features an abstract art of venous pattern prominently in dark hues like black, grey, and brown. Ideally, this style goes well with kitchens decorated with bold colors like black to highlight the white stone’s purity and pattern. Furthermore, whisper white looks like a waterfall smoothly flowing down the floor. Thus, it depicts the picture-perfect look of this forever trendy countertop style.

A premium-quality polish is used to seal and protect the waterfall counters. Hence, they reflect a beautiful shine in the kitchen. Additionally, the sealing protects the material from cuts and cracks, as well as from stains. However, when using a light-colored element in the kitchen, you should follow some preventive measures to help it last longer.

Valle Nevado:

Valle Nevado is the finest selection of granite waterfall island countertops. Valle Nevado is the perfect pick, especially if you want to give your kitchen an elegant and uniform glance. A dazzling mosaic of gray, black, and white highlights the intricate design of this sumptuous stone. Valle Nevado looks best in kitchens with gray flooring, black cabinets, or other dark colors.

One of the most intriguing characteristics of this luxe granite is the low variation in the pattern. Such a uniform pattern is fabulous for giving your kitchen a flawless and subtle look. Therefore, opt for Valle Nevado to make your waterfall island countertop a focal point of your kitchen interior.

Agatha Black:

Black is beauty. It is impossible to go wrong with jet black granite to complement a waterfall island countertop. Therefore, Agatha Black is the best choice to accentuate your kitchen interior and give it a stunning and breath-taking look. Agatha Black is an exotic granite stone with a jet black hue and veins and waves in gray and white colors.

This luxe stone is surely the best to complement the waterfall island style. Furthermore, if you want to make your kitchen look even more exquisite, pay attention to the interior details. The great idea is to select white walls, gray floors, and black or cool-toned cabinets.

Venice Cream:

If you want a midway between whites and blacks, then Vence cream is the premier pick. The subtle cream background adorned with gold and brown specks looks alluring and stunning. Moreover, Venice Cream is a kind of granite that looks cool and calming and is best for summer home decor. This granite stone complements brown woody cabinets in a country-style interior and creates a warm, welcoming appearance. Therefore, you can opt for Venice cream for winter and summer decor. Make sure to carefully use and maintain light-toned and white granite stones to keep them as fresh as new.

Other Best Granite Countertops for Kitchen

Other best granite stones for waterfall island countertops are Imperial Red Granite, Green Pearl, Tan Brown, and White Galaxy. Imperial Red Granite, also known as Royal Red India, is a great choice for waterfall countertops of the bar area. In contrast, Green Pearl and White Galaxy best suit outdoor and indoor kitchen countertops, respectively. Furthermore, Tan Brown granite for waterfall island countertops goes well with kitchen interior designed in neutral tones like white, cream, beige, peach, and nude brown.

Benefits of Having Granite Countertops for Waterfall Islands

The Showstopper:

A waterfall island countertop is an attractive way to make your kitchen the focal point of your home. To complement this lavish look of the countertop, opt for granite as the perfect pick. It’s because of its beautiful colors, luxe designs, and subtle finish. 


Granite is the most sturdy and durable stone you can opt for waterfall island countertops. They can bear the heavyweight of kitchen instruments, resist minor scratches, cost you less, and are easy to maintain.

Forever Unusual:

Waterfall island countertops have been in fashion for decades and have never been considered off-trend. It’s a forever unusual style that you can’t normally see in homes. Nevertheless, this elegant design is alone enough to make your kitchen interior a style statement.

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